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History Of Metal Art And How They Were Used

metallurgyAny artistic work that is crafted from the ores of the earth including gold, meta;, bronze, or silver can be defined as metal art. It is very common to see metal arts made from different metal alloys such as aluminum. Metal art can purely be used as decorative or for functional purposes.

For instance, in the early Bronze Age, bowls and cups were hammered from metal to accomplish both decorative and functional purposes. Although any surviving relic from ancient Bronze Age can be considered as art work today, metal has significantly become more and more useful in nature and most of the metal sculptures we see today demonstrate that more clearly.

Metal art can be traced back as far as archeologists can trace. It could be even as far back as 7000 B.C. Hammered metal can be seen in the Iron Age, bronze, gold, silver, copper, and led artifacts that could be found in ancient sites. In ancient Egypt, the more advanced Egyptians knew artistic ways of making fine decorative metal objects from gold, bronze and other metals. Some of the ancient treasures that survived in the pyramids of Egypt are different metal artwork including funeral masks, fine jewelry, metal statues, and gold coins and up to date, they are still displayed in Cairo.

In Greece and Rome, there were magnificent statues made from bronze and some were unfortunately used as torture devices. Some furniture as well as household utensils were made from metallic substances. Substances like toilet fittings were made from alloys of copper and iron.

Fortunately for us, certain metals handle the test of time very well and have maintained their original brilliance for hundreds of thousands of years. As metal work evolved and began to center t more on design and decorative nature, metal artists began to make statues, necklaces, bracelets and other forms of bronze and gold d├ęcor after discovery from ancient civilization. Today, every piece of metal art we see is inspired from the ancient period. We can therefore say that the discovery of metal art in the olden days plays a big role in our lives today.


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