polymer clay artMaking clay art jewelry is an ancient practice that was done before the discovery of metal. For many artists who wish to make jewelry from clay but have been facing difficulties, don’t worry anymore. Here is a simple guide on making clay art jewelry.

Selecting Your Clay

Before starting your work on clay jewelry, you need to know what type of clay you may need for your work and is mostly based on what you will use to fire your clay. Different clays fire at different temperatures and also have different uses. It is therefore essential that you determine the type of clay you would wish to use on your jewelry. There is a book known as the Metal clay magic by Nana V. Mizushima that can help you determine the clay type that will fit your jewelry needs.

Firing Your Clay

Depending on the type of clay and heat required to fire the clay, you have a good number of options to use when firing your clay and these including using a torch, kiln, or a hot pot. Some clay will require that you fire it in a kiln because it has to be fired up to temperatures of 1600 degrees in order for the clay to turn to metal. For other clay types that do not require high temperatures to fire, you can use a torch or a hot pot. Once your clay is fired, the next step is shaping your clay to jewelry.

Cutting Your Metal Clay

Once you have fired your clay, you will need a cutter to cut your metal clay into shape. You can use an exacto knife to cut your clay into shape. There are other dental tools in the market that can be useful for this process.polymer clay molds

Smoothing Your Metal Clay

Smoothing is essential for making the edges of your metal clay smooth and a smoother is an essential tool for this purpose. You can use the end of a paint brush to smooth your metal clay. Other tools for smoothing are available in the ceramic stores.

Once you have smothered your metal clay, you can pour little water on it to hold the pieces of clay together. Once dry, you can now paint your jewelry as you desire and it will be ready for use.


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