kids paint and brushChildren who perform artistic activities from early childhood obtain various physical and emotional benefits.

Encouraging art in childhood does not mean creating painters or dancers, but giving strategies that shape human beings with more capacity to develop socially. “That is, to observe the world in a different way that will allow him to propose and generate certain resources, to make his sensitivity evident. Having the ability to deal with a series of circumstances that sometimes dehumanize us “, says Felipe Sepulveda, artist, and pedagogue of the educational centers AeioTu, of the Carulla Foundation. It also ensures that dialogue, practicality, and respect for the environment are encouraged.

Good parenting does not only mean imposing norms and discipline but providing tools for a healthy emotional and physical development, since from 0 to 5 years old the neural tissue of the little ones is being formed and “using art it is empowered and generated stronger networks in the brain, “explains Sepulveda.

But, in addition to stimulating their intellectual capacities, art is a form of communication between parents and children. Lina Maria Idarraga, the school pedagogue specialist in performing crafts for children, says that through painting, drawings, play with plasticine or even dancing, parents can know what worries their children, because “many are They complain that in preschool they do not speak to them and they respond to everything in monosyllables. Then they are left without knowing how it was at school or what they ate at lunch. “But if they enter into a game of interaction, trust, and fun, they will realize, through those expressions, what they want to find out about their children.

Monica Pacheco, artistic director of the Ballarte Ballet School, assures that the practice of any art increases the capacity to express oneself, compared to the little ones who limit themselves to school work. For example, a child can begin to put their thoughts on paper and then verbalize them; that is, share it with your environment.

Even, it increases their self-esteem and confidence. “When the children leave the School you notice a change in their personality, because of the sense that gives them standing on a stage.” 

Learning tool

Art is a relevant strategy for education in all areas. In early childhood, creative, reflective and critical thinking is fostered. It is a learning tool that stimulates the ability to create and innovate. 

water color brush Bruno Lazzaro, a presenter of the Artzooka program, of Discovery Kids, assures that art stimulates all the senses. “It makes you think with each part of the body, because, for example, if you have to make a paint wheel, you can try with the feet; Also, you are stimulating the vision. If you make a mask with leftovers from breakfast, then you also use smell. “

 Art can be done in a thousand ways; each child interprets it in their way. “It is trying to have goals and achieve them that they understand that it is good to try. A little one can paint a doll with up to 20 eyes if you like. “

The benefits are not only in this area. They also favor physical development. Sepulveda explains that children recognize their body through art, thanks to strategies such as art therapy.

With this method, consciously or unconsciously, they express their likes, discomforts, feelings, and frustrations. The technique is used by therapists to work in the inner world of young children.

“Research shows that 70 percent of children who do physical activities are more receptive in the cognitive area because they develop other areas of the brain compared to sedentary children,” explains Monica Pacheco. Also, balance is activated, more cardiovascular and respiratory work is done, and your motor skills are increased.


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