canvases The Starry Night, Almond  Blossoms , of Vincent van Gogh, Forest by Paul Cezanne, The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso, Battle of Grunwald by Jan Matejko , which is now displayed in the National museum of Warsaw, The well known Mona Lisa by Leonardo de Vinci in 1503. And so much more oil canvass paintings that are made absolutely amazing a very inspiring creation.

During the past century instead of wood that they usually used for painting they substitute canvas as a new perfect material for painting. The venetians are the one who introduces canvas, they realize that they can make up larger mediums using it than wood panels which are more expensive. It has double purpose it is not as costly and it can last long for its does not deteriorate not as wood that decay are eating it as days pass by. It was then spread the used of canvas at the rest of the country like in European country and in Spain.

Why canvas? Aside the word Canvas is derived from the Latin word cannabis. It is made up linen and cotton, long time ago it is made of hemp, from its physical qualities that is very light that is beneficial for easy transport. It can be deform easily and easy drying is observe and absorbing fast .They main reason for using canvas instead of other material is to maintain the object the painting to preserve it for a long time that even the next generation can still  appreciate and remember the painters who does the paintings.

Canvas has a big advantage in the world of paintings. For it becomes the solution for their problem in terms of easily spoiled paintings. One painting that survives from 14th century with the use of canvas is “The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. That is in the art of museum located at the historic centre in Italy. Las Meninas By Diego Velasques on the 16th century.

TheCanvas has been spreading all throughout and most of our artist definitely choosing it as their medium. Many Artist combined thoroughly materials into their artwork. From the art of drawing in walls that you have found in the caves just like in the movies it actually exist in the real life.  14 and 16 BC the renaissance era was been using woods and stones as their canvas for making up paintings. Then comes the hemp then linen and cotton canvas arises.

What are the things they used in canvass for paintings, Artist used several kinds  of paints in their masterpiece. Like they usually used oil paints .Its colour substance imparted and occurring in an oil. This consist the ability and has a capacity to dry as fast and through oxidation. Linseed oil is a kind of oil that usually used, there is also the safflower the poppy seed or thaw walnut oil which can be used.  On the preservation part oil paintings usually change in color because of exposure to lights. oil painting landscape

Example of Oil canvass paints is Boy with Pipe one of Picassos greatest 20th century oil painting.  The Zoological garden (1912) by August Macke the most talented German Expressionist. Acrylic Paint a cost effective paints that artist used.  Andy Warhol  is the great user of acrylic paint example of this paint is Marilyn Diptych. Then the Watercolor paint, imparted with water solution. It gives a final touch. The famous Lascaux cave in France. Artist Albrecht  Durer one of the watercolour painter he painted  Hare in 15th century.  The Goucache paint and ink paintings.


sculture artArt is everywhere even in the smallest thing in this world you can create into a beautiful creation. So do you believe in magic?  Well it actually happen. What can you do with a piece of wood? Can you just imagine that in that piece of wood can turn into something useful.  Yes it can your wide imagination can turn an object into an art, so that is a real magic.

 Some of Our Artist Uses Wood to Turn to a Wonderful Outcome

Like they can use wood to make different images like it can be a land or sea creature, animals, a face, anything that you want to. That is you call carving .Wood carving is an art that you can earn money as well. Many loves to buy a hand carve decorations from their home or establishment some also have a collection of it.

Carving a wooden sculpture are using tools which is called chisel straight, it has a flat straight edge that is good for forming wood into an art. It has been practice for so many years now by our ancestors. But wood is known for not actually can last for long for it can very prone to decay compare when sculpture is made up of stone or any hard materials like bronze and gold.

Chiselling in Wooden Sculpture Has Been Very Important in Building Block in the History of Art

It plays a very important role in the industry. Carving is a unique form of art. It should have a skill, diligence to carry this kind of acts. This is a very delicate work that needs a lot of your concentration and to do this you should have an artistic mind and passion to come up with the best master of painting

Wood Carving Has Been in existing Even in the Ancient Times

It has so much to do with our history, Art approach commonly directing to transform into an unexpected beautiful outcome. It captures the heart of the people who appreciate the art of wooden sculpture. In every piece of this creation brought pride to our artist. This is also symbolizes how nature and human can work together.

In Every Emotions They Show in their Arts Represents the artist personality

Whatever they produce form their work of art has a significant value that everyone will cherish.  A love of at is just like hugging and appreciating the culture that we have.

Let us give thanks to our wooden sculpture artist who help us value the existence of art on it and because o f them until now it is still alive and being practice even until now which computer evolves.


The Performing Arts They are also supported by workers in related fields, such as writers, composers, set designers, lighting designers, costume designers, make-up artists, stage workers, producers, etc. There is also a specialized form of stage art in which the artists perform their work facing the viewer as if it were a living plastic work, which is called Performance and to which, for the same reason, considered as close to the Plastic Arts.

The objective of this section is to support the professional fabric of the Performing Arts, theater, dance, and circus, through the exhibition of their works,
Which must have been premiered in 2016 and 2017, or that can be premiered in 948 markets.

Complementary activities will also be carried out, such as presentations, commercial appointments, meetings between agents, stands, etc.

Also, it is about boosting the professional, cultural offer of this area, and incorporating it into the programming of cultural agents from other territories.

The prescribers will be progrmadoras and programmers of beautiful spaces of different formats, directors of festivals, institutions and professionals and the distribution of the various territories, to which they will be invited to participate in 948 markets.

Guiter Strings Sax Melody Dancing techniques
The professionals of the performing arts of Navarra can register their proposals in the corresponding registration form.
• Certificate of Tax Residence in Navarra.
• Certificate of Economic Activities Tax (IAE) in the year 2017, in the section corresponding to the sector.
• Justification of being registered in the Special Regime of Self-Employed Workers (RETA), at least six months, in the last 18 months, without having to be these following ones; by the presentation of work life or bank receipts.
• Present at least one show already premiered on the registration date.

Presentation Of The Performing Arts And Music Area

In this section, the Ministry of Culture shows information about the organization and resources for the promotion, promotion, and dissemination of everything related to the performing arts: dance, theater, music, and circus in Spain.

From this page users can access to:

General information of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), an organization that deals with the articulation and development of programs related to music, dance, theater and circus for the Ministry.

Festivals Dedicated to different aspects of the musical, theatrical or dance cultural offer, in which INAEM sponsors, assists or collaborates with other institutions and entities.
• Awards. Convened by the INAEM and Gold Medals awarded annually by the Secretary of State for Culture to recognize people or outstanding activities in theater, music, dance, and circus.

kids paint and brushChildren who perform artistic activities from early childhood obtain various physical and emotional benefits.

Encouraging art in childhood does not mean creating painters or dancers, but giving strategies that shape human beings with more capacity to develop socially. “That is, to observe the world in a different way that will allow him to propose and generate certain resources, to make his sensitivity evident. Having the ability to deal with a series of circumstances that sometimes dehumanize us “, says Felipe Sepulveda, artist, and pedagogue of the educational centers AeioTu, of the Carulla Foundation. It also ensures that dialogue, practicality, and respect for the environment are encouraged.

Good parenting does not only mean imposing norms and discipline but providing tools for a healthy emotional and physical development, since from 0 to 5 years old the neural tissue of the little ones is being formed and “using art it is empowered and generated stronger networks in the brain, “explains Sepulveda.

But, in addition to stimulating their intellectual capacities, art is a form of communication between parents and children. Lina Maria Idarraga, the school pedagogue specialist in performing crafts for children, says that through painting, drawings, play with plasticine or even dancing, parents can know what worries their children, because “many are They complain that in preschool they do not speak to them and they respond to everything in monosyllables. Then they are left without knowing how it was at school or what they ate at lunch. “But if they enter into a game of interaction, trust, and fun, they will realize, through those expressions, what they want to find out about their children.

Monica Pacheco, artistic director of the Ballarte Ballet School, assures that the practice of any art increases the capacity to express oneself, compared to the little ones who limit themselves to school work. For example, a child can begin to put their thoughts on paper and then verbalize them; that is, share it with your environment.

Even, it increases their self-esteem and confidence. “When the children leave the School you notice a change in their personality, because of the sense that gives them standing on a stage.” 

Learning tool

Art is a relevant strategy for education in all areas. In early childhood, creative, reflective and critical thinking is fostered. It is a learning tool that stimulates the ability to create and innovate. 

water color brush Bruno Lazzaro, a presenter of the Artzooka program, of Discovery Kids, assures that art stimulates all the senses. “It makes you think with each part of the body, because, for example, if you have to make a paint wheel, you can try with the feet; Also, you are stimulating the vision. If you make a mask with leftovers from breakfast, then you also use smell. “

 Art can be done in a thousand ways; each child interprets it in their way. “It is trying to have goals and achieve them that they understand that it is good to try. A little one can paint a doll with up to 20 eyes if you like. “

The benefits are not only in this area. They also favor physical development. Sepulveda explains that children recognize their body through art, thanks to strategies such as art therapy.

With this method, consciously or unconsciously, they express their likes, discomforts, feelings, and frustrations. The technique is used by therapists to work in the inner world of young children.

“Research shows that 70 percent of children who do physical activities are more receptive in the cognitive area because they develop other areas of the brain compared to sedentary children,” explains Monica Pacheco. Also, balance is activated, more cardiovascular and respiratory work is done, and your motor skills are increased.

Felipe Sepulveda advises parents how to stimulate the artistic abilities of their children, just and practically:

    • Use different materials according to the child’s development for an early exploration: pencils, markers, papers, colors. Then, when you are older, you can venture into the world of painting with brushes and brushes.
water color art canva painting
  • You do not always need to buy work items. The body by itself is a learning strategy. The dance and the game with the shadows allow creating spaces so that the minor is physically discovered.
  • It is useful to work with open materials that are not stereotyped and that stimulate the creative capacity of the child. For example, recycled items and pieces that do not have pre-designed figures. It is interesting that the child builds, believes and empowers his imagination.

Dance and performing arts  

Dance is one of the entire artistic disciplines, says Monica Pacheco, director of Ballarte ballet school. “It allows them to be in contact with people; they learn to work as a team, their character is formed, they follow instructions and learn to reconcile with their peers.”

Also, it allows children to develop skills to express themselves and resolve conflicts. It even has a powerful impact on cognitive and physical development.

Plastic arts

The most important thing is to know when the child is developing, suggests the artist and pedagogue of the Carulla Foundation, Felipe Sepulveda. From there, a series of experiences is promoted, such as drawing. It is critical to provide useful tools (paper, pencil, colors, and markers) and give them options to choose how they want to express themselves. Knowing the child allows the adult to focus on their needs. For example, if you’re going to find a gentle or firm stroke. The plastic arts strengthen their manual work and optimize the vasomotor and visual-manual coordination. Working with colors and lights also allows the attention capacity of the child to be enhanced.